Buy Beans – Issue #05

Caffeine Australia has secured up to 20% discount off these great roasts for our faithful coffee-loving readers. Now you have no excuse not to change it up a bit and support our local Aussie roasters.


Proud-mary-alternative-ethiopia-jabanto-filter-coffee coffee


Proud Mary Coffee Roasters


Varietal: Kurume
Origins: Ethiopia
Region: The Jabanto Farmer’s Group, Yirgacheffe
Process CM Natural
They say: “Blueberry, guava, mango, melon, and syrupy.”

Our expert Blind Taste Review panel all waxed lyrical about its impact on their senses. “The acidity was mellow and approachable as it cooled, like a nice madeira,” said Jem Challender from Barista Hustle. “I was expecting both barrels after the aroma of this coffee, but it kept its cool.”

Ben Bicknell of Five Senses Coffee was equally enthusiastic, saying it was ‘highly aromatic, full of blueberries, apricot, violet and a rich forest floor character’, but agreed with Jem that the fragrance was bigger than the taste. He also added, ‘the pleasing silky body and overall positive balance held everything together for a distinctive and delicious cup’.

Ed Cutcliffe at The Little Marionette heralded it as a ‘big standout’ with ‘jaffa-like fruits’, and even more fruity feedback came from Penny Wolff at Wolff Coffee Roasters, who listed ‘Fruit Tingle, lime strawberry, blueberry, and pineapple aeroplane jelly’, adding that it was ‘a smooth and easy-drinking piñata of flavour’.

Although this exact coffee has come and gone, there’s always an intense fruit bomb on offer. Go wild!

PRICE: From $23 for 250g
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Floriberto y Faiber

Small Batch Coffee Roasters


Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Origin: Colombia
Region: La Argentina, Huila
Process: Natural
They say: “A very sweet cup with notes of cherry cola, red toffee apple and speculaas cookies.”

This pink bourbon microlot originated from the neighbouring farms of the Floriberto and Faiber families in the municipality of La Argentina, Colombia.

“The cherries were dry-fermented in a ceramic tile-lined concrete tank for 18-20 hours before washing,” says Andrew Kelly of Small Batch Roasting Co. “Then roasted to be smooth and mild with no pointy edges, yet still taste of something.”

Our experts were a little divided. Jem Challender (Barista Hustle) noted rich and fruity Tropicana orange flavours, with a pleasing bitterness and apple-juicy texture. He even smelled speculaas cookies in the wet aroma (a direct match with the roaster’s description). Ben Bicknell (Five Senses Coffee) found it to be very bright with lemon juice sharpness, and felt that ‘the roaster had their eye just on the acidity rather than developing sweetness and body to help provide balance.’ Penny Wolff (Wolff Coffee Roasters) also described it as having lemon citrus acidity, dry fruits, chocolate-covered sultanas, and a little salty. Adding that it ‘generated more sweetness as it cooled, with hints of gooseberry’. Jem was more accepting of this tartness, saying; “they’d had a good go at roasting it properly and the acidity was quite complex – rich and ‘marmaladey’.”

Kelly hails the latest roasting of Floriberto y Faliber as ‘a banger’; describing the flavours as ‘a sweet lively cup with notes of cola, chrysanthemum tea, and honeydew melon.’ Use our 20% discount to check out the amazing range of Small Batch filter roasts.

PRICE: From $18 for 250g


Summer Filter Blend

Everyday Coffee


Origin: 60% Kenya Kamagogo / 40% Guatemala Aurora Villatoro
Region: Muranga County /Huehuetenango
Process: Fully washed
They say: “Sweet and complex when hot and super refreshing over ice”

Open-minded about the origin of their green beans, as long as they’re ethically sourced, the Everyday team have a self-confessed preference for Colombia, Peru, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Their Season Filter Blend provides them the opportunity to source and blend coffees to match the seasons. This summer blend is a 60-40 mix of beans from Kenya and Guatemala that’s presented as a ‘lighter, brighter coffee that pops when brewed hot or over ice’.

Stone fruits were the order of the day for the review panel, with both Ed Cutcliffe (The Little Marionette) and Ben Bicknell (Five Senses) noting the light, fresh and fruity nature of this mystery blend (remember they don’t know what they’re drinking). Ben felt there was ‘a juicy citrus acidity and crunchy stone-fruit flavour leading into a coating, medium bodied profile’; adding that it was ‘an enjoyable, all-day drinker – nothing super adventurous about the flavours but well balanced overall.’ Ed likened the aftertaste to Cherry Ripe which Penny Wolff (Wolff Coffee Roasters) wasn’t a huge fan of. However, she did agree that the jammy fruit flavours made it an ‘easy drinker’.

While the summer blend may be off the table by now, you can always check out autumn.

PRICE: From $21 for 250g


Papua New Guinea Light

Griffiths Bros Coffee Roasters


Varietal: Typica
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Region: Chimbu Province
Process: Fully washed
They say: “Tea, and honey with notes of apricot.”

These beans are sourced from the Chimbu Province in the central highlands of PNG, where the high altitude (over 1,500m) and rich volcanic soil creates near-perfect conditions for cultivation.

Slower growth at altitude allows for more nutrients to be absorbed into the fruit; resulting in higher levels of sweetness and natural acidity. This can present as ‘bright’, ‘tart’ or indeed ‘sour’ flavours and the natural sugars need to be balanced to compliment these.

Ed Cutcliffe (The Little Marionette) felt the mouthfeel was good acidity and the pleasant lemon acidity was balanced, with with peach and apricot fruitiness. Ben Bicknell (Five Senses) noted a pleasant orange citrus juiciness as the highlight; adding that the body, while silky, was a little thin for his liking. This was echoed by Jem Challender (Barista Hustle) who felt there was a good overall sweetness but would have preferred a bit more complexity to the flavours to give it a bit more oomph. He put this down to the light roast, saying that there was nothing actually wrong with the coffee itself.

Lighter coffees tend to perform better when brewed slowly, and we found it was complemented by at least a dash of milk.

PRICE: From $23 for 500g

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