Christmas Gift Guide

Shopping for someone who’s crazy for caffeine? Here’s a few pointers to what to get for the coffee lover who hasn’t quite got everything

caffeine magazine australia bruer cold brew system

Bruer Cold Brew System

Create your own delicious cold drip without the fuss of a full set up. Practical, affordable and aesthetically pleasing to boot.

Price: $119.00

caffeine magazine australia acaia lunar scale

Acaia Lunar Scale

The ultimate in water-resistant weighing for the hardcore coffee bean – it even hooks up via bluetooth to give insights and recipes.

Price: $355.95

caffeine magazine australia flavour wheel poster

Flavour Wheel Poster

Display your passion for coffee and impress your friends with your taste vocabulary, and perception of coffee flavours and textures.

Price: $29.95

caffeine magazine australia cafelat robot espresso maker

Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker

Ironically, this robot uses no electrics; plus it’s plastic-free. Quirky and unconventional, it extracts a fine espresso while giving you an upper-body workout.

Price: $659.00

caffeine magazine australia kanso hand coffee grinder

Kanso Hiku Hand Grinder

Timeless design meets precision engineering. This sleek and compact manual grinder has stainless steel burrs that take the guesswork out
of achieving a perfect grind.

Price: $349.00 RRP

caffeine magazine australia diptyque florabelio coffee fragrance

Diptyque Florabellio

Smelling of coffee may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but this intriguing fragrance possesses the merest hint of roasted coffee.

Price: $187.00 for 100ml

caffeine magazine australia coffee for life coffee pin

‘Coffee For Life’ Pin

Wear your passion with pride in an understated and stylish way.

Price: $20.85

caffeine magazine australia fellow stagg electric kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

A stunning electric kettle designed with pour-over coffee lovers in mind. Variable temperature management and an elegant gooseneck spout for increased pour control.

Price: $259.00

caffeine magazine australia ceramic coffee dripper

Loveramics Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Elegant ceramic drippers in a variety of sizes and patterns to suit your brew style – brass ring sold separately.

Price: from $20.00

caffeine magazine australia coffee lovers jigsaw

Coffee Lovers Jigsaw

If you love a jigsaw at Christmas then this coffee-themed puzzle is a must.

Price: $34.95

caffeine magazine australia BOD cold brew system

BOD Cold Brew System

Unique, convenient and lightweight, the BOD takes the fuss (and the mess) out of brewing your own subtle and sweet toddy cold brew.

Price: $80.00 RRP

caffeine magazine australia coffee scented candle

Coffee Candle

Feast your senses on the invigorating scent of fresh roasted coffee beans. Perfect for that coffee kick when it should be wine-time!

Price: $45.00

caffeine magazine australia bialetti mini express 2 cup

Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cup

A clever and compact stove-top brewer for espresso-style coffee in a flash. Ideal for any home, office, or camping trip.

Price: $79.95

caffeine magazine australia moccamaster classic

Moccamaster Classic

Batch brew filter coffee to suit your taste with this classically iconic handmade machine. Oozing with retro-cool.

Price: $475.00

caffeine magazine australia peak water filter jug

Peak Water Jug

Improve your brew with the world’s first adjustable gravity-fed water filter. You will literally taste the difference.

Price: $99.00

caffeine magazine australia push coffee tamper

Clockwork Espresso PUSH Tamper

If metronomically consistent tamping is your thing then this ergonomic and super-tactile little beauty is just for you.

Price: $249.00 RRP

caffeine magazine australia coffee socks

Coffee Socks

Put your feet up and get your message across without uttering a syllable.

Price: $21.00

caffeine magazine australia aeropress go coffee press

AeroPress Go

All the convenience of it’s bigger brother with a Russian doll-like experience that includes it’s own cup measuring spoon and stirrer.

Price: $55.00 RRP

caffeine magazine australia wacaco nanopresso espresso maker lava red

Wacaco Nanopresso

Extract a quality espresso while you’re on the move. This lava red model is part of the Elements limited edition and has it’s own fitted case.

Price: $115.00 RRP

caffeine magazine australia brew-it stick coffee infuser

Brew-It Stick

Perfect for all you infusers out there. Simply fill with your favourite grind or leaves, add hot water and brew up on the spot.

Price: $39.90

caffeine magazine australia hario smart g hand grinder

Hario Smart G Hand Grinder

This USB-powered hand held motor gives you all the benefits of a hand grinder without flexing a muscle.

Price: $75.95

caffeine magazine australia delter coffee press

Delter Coffee Press

Regain control of your brew. Achieve quality and consistency with this compact and easy-to-clean piece of kit.

Price: $49.95

caffeine magazine australia trinity zero coffee press

Trinity Zero

Aussie-designed pocket-sized hybrid coffee maker. Pumping out a stronger coffee than a French press in half the time.

Price: $49.95

caffeine magazine australia mr black espresso martini kit

Mr Black Espresso Martini Kit

All you need to make the perfect Espresso Martini. Mr Black cold brew, First Press cocktail mixer and premium shaker, strainer and
Japanese-style jigger!

Price: $119.00

caffeine magazine australia baratza sette 27wi coffee grinder

Baratza Sette 270Wi Grinder

The Big Daddy of grinders will perfectly pulverise your beans to a precise size and weight, while also learning and adjusting as you use it.

Price: $715.00

caffeine magazine australiakeepcup kanga brew reusable coffee cup

KeepCup Kangaroo Paw Brew Reusable Cup

The world’s first barista standard reusable cup is still a great way to sip your brew out of glass.

Price: from $24.00

caffeine magazine australia fellow junior cup and big jo coffee mu

Fellow Junior Cups and Big Jo’ Mug

Stunning design meets functionality. Double ceramic wall espresso demitasse cups and mugs with aesthetically pleasing copper bottoms.

Price: $48.90 for pack of two demitasse or for one mug.

caffeine magazine australia huskeecup reusable coffee cup

Huskee Cup

A unique Australian planet-protecting creation and the only thing you need to qualify for the HuskeeSwap system.

Price: from $16.00

caffeine magazine australia loveramics nomad reusable coffee cup

Nomad by Loveramics

Stylish simplicity and the only dual wall ceramic re-usable on the market… apparently!

Price: $40.00

caffeine magazine australia ;loveramics classic coffee cups

Classic Coffee Cups by Loveramics

eautifully classic cups, saucers and mugs with
a myriad of colour options to match your mood.

Price: from $16.60 for an 80ml egg cup

caffeine magazine australia coffee mug

Shuh Duh Fuh Cup

Let people around you know what you’re thinking even while you’re drinking.

Price: $44.99

caffeine magazine australia pulcina espresso coffee maker

Pulcina Espresso Maker

Combining illycaffè technology and Alessi design. The unique shape preserves the qualities of the coffee.

Price: $172.00

caffeine magazine australia hario v60 matte black metal

Hario V60 Metal Dripper

Quick and convenient pour-over perfection is now available in super-sexy matte black

Price: $91.95

caffeine magazine australia varia multi brew coffee maker

Varia Multi Brewer

A filter dripper, French press, stove-top moka pot, cold brewer, kettle, and teapot – it’s got the lot. All you need to do is add good coffee.

Price: $189.95

caffeine magazine australia nitro press espresso maker

The Original Nitro Press

Infuse your brews with pure nitrogen for a thick and creamy texture – ideal for Espresso Martinis. Great looking too.

Price: $229.00

caffeine magazine australia frank body coffee body scrub

Frank Body Dirty Latte Body Scrub Kit

Coffee scrub your body with a bit of old school sass. This limited edition kit includes a complimentary reusable cup.

Price: $39.95

caffeine magazine australia barista hustle six month training

Barista Hustle Unlimited

Discover what it takes to be a barista with cutting-edge online training. Learn from the pros and never make a bad cup again.

Price: $20/month or $190/year 14-day free trial, cancel any time.

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