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Pair artisan gelato with coffee for a refreshing, summery taste sensation with a kick.

Photography Sheradon Dublin

Drowned. That’s the literal meaning of affogato, the Italian dessert that pairs vanilla’s illustrious sweetness with the bitter jolt of espresso, removing the nuances of each (or indeed drowning them) in favour of the appealing contrast of hot and cold, brown and white, sweet and bitter.

That contrast is a cornerstone of coffee culture; creating harmonious drinks out of near-opposites – mainly, if not exclusively, espresso and milk. And on the spectrum of flavour that speciality coffee provides, the concept of pairing coffee and ice cream brings nearly infinite possibilities, allowing you to riff on flavours, temperatures and brew methods to create experiences more akin to that of a cocktail. Buoyant, not drowned.

Sam Crowl of the family-run Cow and the Moon gelateria in Sydney’s inner west, is a master of teasing out those subtleties. He learnt his trade from his parents John and Wendy who opened their first venue in 2003 after many years in the gelato industry. Seven years and countless scoops later Cow and the Moon opened it’s doors in Enmore.

The Crowl family ambition has always been to produce sorbets and gelatos that cater for the ecelctic tastes of their customers. while capturing the seasonal flavours of Australia.

Winning awards for their creations is a regular and well-deserved occurence, but winning the Gelato World Tour title in 2014 is the feather in their hat that they are most proud of. Mandorla Affogato is a mouth-watering almond affogato flavour that combines nuts sourced from South Australia, with single origin coffee, on a Madagascan vanilla base.

Their strong relationship with Single O coffee roasters in Sydney’s Surry Hills, makes coffee pairing a big part of their world. The following three combinations are built in that spirit, with guidance for replicating them with the coffees you may have to hand. And there’s even an affogato.

You’ll find Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar and Café at 181 Enmore Road, Enmore, Sydney, NSW. 

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