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Summer started late for many of us and these ingenious iced coffee concoctions will be sure to keep you chilled.
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We won’t pretend that drinking iced coffee in summer is some kind of mind-blowing new discovery in 2021. You know as well as we do that it’s a firm favourite as a lively, refreshing drink on toasty days. But we’d love to see a bit more imagination on café menus come summertime. That’s why we asked three coffee creatives to design blended ice beverages for us.

They’re sweet, they’re summery, they’re visually appealing, they’re fairly simple for coffee shops to recreate – and doing so could spark even more creativity. Let’s celebrate the end of summer in style.

Coffee Bramble

Created by Claire Wallace

“The cocktail this is based on is sweet, tart, citric and refreshing,” says Claire, “and my version is even more so, with its added caffeinated kick – plus it can be drunk at any time of day. The coffee adds much of the body and complexity that gin would normally provide.
“This recipe makes a single serving, but for best results make three to four batches at at a time. You can blitz all the ingredients together without the ice and store the mix in the fridge until needed.”

60g blackberry purée (or fresh blackberries)
35g juniper simple syrup
15g lemon juice
50g tonic water
45g cold brew concentrate or cold brew at a 1:5 ratio (preferably a coffee with floral and berry notes – I used a honey process Ethiopian)
150g ice

Chill a glass in the freezer. If using fresh blackberries, blitz them in the blender first with a splash of tonic, and strain the purée through a fine mesh sieve to remove the seeds. Put all the ingredients except the ice in the blender and briefly blend to emulsify. Then add the ice and blend until the texture resembles a frozen slushie. Serve in the chilled glass, garnished with a dehydrated lemon slice.

 For a full run-down of the two more chilly recipes you’ll need to get your hands on a copy of issue two of Caffeine magazine Australia.

caffeine magazine australia iced coffee cocktail coffee bramble

This feature appeared in issue 02 of Caffeine magazine Australia

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