Caffeine Issue 04


• The full story of Kombucha as it meets coffee
• A look at the people putting a dent in their carbon emissions
• WTF… is the carbonic maceration?
• Seven home grinders that will improve your brew
• The caffeinated tipple – Mister Paradise

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The Grind
A roundup of all the good things around the world of caffeine.

WTF… is the carbonic maceration?
We take a deep dive into this experimental coffee process that borrows ideas from wine.

Alive & Kicking
A look beyond kombucha’s “exotic” reputation to appreciate all aspects of this popular fermented beverage.

Grind Zero
Getting all nitty and gritty with seven home grinders that we reckon will improve your coffee flavour.

The carbon revolution
We take a look at how savvy roasters and cafés are attempting to put a dent in their carbon emissions.

Best since Bradman
Barista Hustle’s Jem Challender reveals the first espresso machine and asks “when did they get any good?”

Industry news
The frosts in Brazil. Aussie success in the World Coffee Championships; and the return of the World AeroPress Championships to Melbourne.

The caffeinated tipple
Sweet and sour flavours combine in this fruity take on a cold brew tonic.


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