Reusable cups on parade

Close-up collection of random reusable cups

With cafés starting to accept reusable cups again, we take a look at twelve of the current crop on offer


Remember the ‘olden days’ when drinking your takeaway coffee from a disposable paper cup was just the way it was? Sup it up and chuck it. There wasn’t a lot of choice unless you were happy to carry around an empty Thermos all day.

And then, in 2007, the KeepCup came along and changed our perceptions. The reusable cup is now a part of our daily coffee toolkit – evermore sophisticated and with a price tag to boot – but it’s well worth doing your homework before you commit.

The main mission here is to reduce waste. While many of these products may be made from planet-friendly materials, the over-arching message is to buy one cup and use it always – having a cupboard full of reusable cups just defeats the point.

With the help of our product review stalwart, Mr Paul Hallit (Head of Development & Education at The Little Marionette) and Kate McLellan (barista and creative marketer), we sourced a dozen reusable cups and tested them for function,  gentle spills, full-on leaks, car cupholder compatibility, heat retention, and ease of clean – because nobody wants the cheesy residue of last week’s latte lingering in their reusable lid.

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This feature appears in issue 06 of Caffeine magazine Australia

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