Caffeine Issue 02


• Super-cool iced coffee concoctions
• WTF… is the robusta?
• Four premium espresso machines reviewed
• How blockchain is ensuring the farmers get a fair deal
• Industry news
• The caffeinated tipple – White Russian


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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the once-in-a-lifetime discovery of a new coffee group. We hear from environmental pioneers, look at the links between tea and coffee, marvel at a ten-grand coffee watch, and show you how to get the best from your AeroPress. PLUS Don’t miss our first-ever blind taste challenge; seven coffees, four experts, one fuss-free guide to your next caffeinated experience.

WTF… is the robusta?
Stuart Ritson explains why it’s much more than arabica’s poor relation – and how it could potentially preserve coffee’s future.

Keep your cool
Caffeine ups the ante for iced coffee drinks with three uniquely refreshing summer drinks. Try your hand at these caffeinated chillers – you’ll thank us later.

Crypto coffee
Discover how the use of blockchain technology is helping to keep the supply chain honest and ensure the coffee farmers get a better deal.

Espresso upgrade
‘A barista is only as good as his tools’. We look at four premium espresso machines and give you the low-down so you can upgrade your home kit with confidence.

Industry news
We hear from Peruvian farmers doing it tough, due to the many challenges of 2020. We also hear from inspiring women turning the tables on tradition and supporting their communities through coffee.

The Caffeinated Tipple
Mr Black have done it again. Get a load of this  Big Lebowski-inspired, creamy cocktail. “The Dude” abides!


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