Caffeine Issue 05


• We explore the passion for pastries with your coffee
• Just how addictive is caffeine and is it really bad for you?
• WTF… is specialty coffee?
• Discover the best non-dairy milks to pair with your brew
• The caffeinated tipple – A Bonny Wee Flip

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The Grind
A roundup of all the good things around the world of caffeine.

WTF… is specialty coffee?
Made it this far on your coffee journey and think it’s too late to ask? This should save your blushes.

Perfect Balance
Discover the new wave fascination for indulgent pastries that can be matched with a specialty brew.

Altered States
Coffee is good; but is it too good? Find out just how addictive caffeine is, and if there are any long term health effects.

Alternative Milks
Moooove over, cows. That’s it – you herd right! Like it or nut, plant milks are here to stay. We tested out four cafe favourite mylks with espresso, and the results are oat-standing.

Industry news
How long is too long for coffee fermentation? We spill the beans.

The caffeinated tipple
This wintery spiced fruit eggnog is well worth the effort.


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