Caffeine Issue 06


• Molecular coffee anyone? We take a look at the future of coffee
• Cocktails featuring locally-produced coffee liqueurs?
• WTF… is seasonality?
• We review reusable cups worthy of being your go-to
• The caffeinated tipple – Espresso Martiki

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The Grind
A roundup of all the good things around the world of caffeine.

WTF… is specialty coffee?
Why drinking the right coffee in the right season brings many benefits.

Chemical brother
Scientists have produced a drink in a lab that shares its DNA with coffee – but is it really coffee?

Testing the water
Making coffee with inferior water leads, naturally, to inferior coffee. We look at a few solutions.

Coffee liqueur cocktails
The latest Aussie cold-pressed coffee liqueurs are great on their own, but they’re perfect for cocktails too.

Reusable cups review
Sure, they reduce waste, but does your chosen cup do the job that you need it to? We put 12 to the test.

Industry news
Announcing a collaboration between ASCA and IWCAA targeting negative discrimination in our industry.

The caffeinated tipple
A refreshingly fruity twist on the classic espresso martini.